A new generation of pheromones for him and her.

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A new generation of pheromones
for him and her.

Choose your fragrance
and attract others like a magnet!

  • arousal
  • passion
  • desire
  • seduce the senses
Try out the sensual
scents of Désir Éternel

Positive first impressions and unforgettable experiences.
Only with Désir Éternel!

The world of human senses is governed by smells. Thanks to them we perceive newly met people as attractive or not. Strong, exotic fragrances are considered seductive but sometimes too intrusive. On the other hand, delicate and subtle scents often go unnoticed. It is all about seducing, captivating, and temptation. It's high time to trust the new generation of pheromones - Désir Éternel! These are amazing fragrances for him and her that will make that first impression great and unforgettable!


Unbelievable it may be, but the smells really do affect our senses. The smell of pheromones is very delicate and virtually imperceptible to the human nose. But that doesn't mean the pheromones aren't working. On the contrary. They are perceived but we are simply not aware of it. You may not even realize how much can depend on them! They affect mood, hormone secretion, sexual arousal, passion and desire. That is why pheromones are often described as a lure to the opposite sex.

1 fragrance - so many possibilities!

Pheromones are transmitters of excitement and their delicate scent is not even registered by you. When added to perfumes, they work unnoticeably. Thanks to them, you will unconsciously influence the reactions of the opposite sex. Nobody will even notice that your skin has micro-transmitters of desire and excitement.

Choose pheromones
that match you

  • increase your attractiveness
  • arouse desire and passion
  • emphasize your dominance
  • build a sense of security

Discover unique fragrances
for him and her

Désir Éternel are seductive perfumes containing pheromones for her and for him. In both scent versions, we have enclosed a unique pheromone composition that increases attractiveness, stimulates the imagination, and builds tension.

These are: Androstenol, Androstenone, and Alpha-Androstenol. The first one facilitates making and maintaining contacts. The second creates an aura of dominance, while the third is responsible for creating a friendly impression and enhancing sexual appeal.

Choose Désir Éternel and make the opposite sex unable to resist you!

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